VR for educational institutions

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New opportunities not only for schools and universities, but also for corporate training. You can simulate any experiment: mix reagents, split atoms, visually study anatomy, train employees and hold VR meetings
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Our solution for business and educational centres allows the teacher/expert and learners to be present in the virtual space. Visualization of the studied content increases attention and sparks interest, which allows conveying more details and specifications. VR simulators increase the speed of learning material up to 10 times faster and improve memorization up to 90%
Virtual reality allows students and teachers easily access learning materials with minimal effort and distraction-free factors, allowing them to focus on the current task

Types of VR

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Full immersion in virtuality

Use of interactive elements and interaction within scenarios
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No immersion in virtual reality

To carry out project work. After completing the task, you can immerse yourself inside the project in order to see and fix all errors

Who can use VR training:


Applying a new approach to learning

Arousing interest in the topic

Engaging students to studying process


VR can visually show the connection between phenomena, events and the structure of things

Visual reality help to assimilate and memorize the material

Heads of educational institutions

VR technology to master teachers skills and techniques

Monitoring students' performance indicators

Benefits of using virtual
reality for education

Accurate visualization of objects and phenomena that cannot be reproduced in reality
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The ability to learn new information in the format of online virtual learning

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