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VR technology is great for training police and emergency services, helping them to better cope with critical incidents in real life
Field training is a good way to instruct professionals in emergency situations, but a complex and large-scale scenario cannot be easily recreated for educational purposes
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The use of VR technology helps to work out the skills without risking life. It is an important additional tool for training police officers, firefighters, rescuers, etc. We can simulate any situation and help professionals develop strong practical skills
Understand the procedures and patterns of action
Get the necessary practical knowledge in a relatively short time
Train decision-making skills in emergency situations
Learn about circumstances that rarely occur in a real life

VR training for police officers

They help to prepare specialists for real incidents at work. In virtual reality, you can simulate crimes that have already happened, as well as to analyze the events that led to them

Possible scenarios

VR training for firefighters

They help to simulate situations with fires of different complexity. The virtual environment provides a high level of realism, allowing you to appreciate the complexity and danger of the firefighter profession


Possible scenarios

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Call for backup help or help of other services

User actions evaluation includes:

Time spent indoors
Preparation for extinguishing
The correct sequence of actions
Time being close
to the fire

VR training for gas service specialists
They help to study and test employee behaviour in difficult situations that cannot be safely reproduced in real life. For example, risk of explosion because of the gas pipelines damages in a multi-storey residential building

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