Personnel training

Personnel training

Employers are faced with the need to train new employees or improve the qualifications of existing ones, to work with complex industrial equipment, mechanisms and other factory equipment
Being physically in an office, employees can be present and perform work in production using virtual reality. The VR simulator will help to better study the working processes and control techniques for rare or complex equipment, as well as to examine all the factory units from the inside, having studied all possible scenarios of equipment breakdown and repair

VR in production:

With the help of VR training simulators, an employee can not only perfectly study his work without being in the real action place but also practice an infinite number of times, without having to stop important production processes

Modeling or re-creating any safety training scenario
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Minimizing accidental equipment breakdown by an employee

VR training for airline employees

Recreated virtual airport environment and accurate equipment models, for students’ hands-on and advanced training for experienced staff.

The training system for pilots and flight attendants using a VR includes practicing aircraft board emergency situations

Possible scenarios

Possible scenarios
Air transport demonstration
Practicing emergency situations
Recreation of real work environment
Learning the working rules
Rules of aircraft control
Process operation training
Theoretical and practical knowledge
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VR simulators for drivers

Driving safety training helps to detect and identify road hazards. Visual simulation of driving on city streets contributes to more effective learning and memorization of traffic rules. VR Driver Training helps to increase coordination, awareness and safety on the roads

Possible scenarios

Cross-country terran
Difficult weather conditions
Blind spots
Heavy traffic
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