VR presentations

VR presentations

Virtual reality allows you to show a future product or a large-sized product using VR glasses. The VR zone will attract the most attention at an exhibition, conference or any other event. It can be used to build trust in a brand or company, telling about the idea and history of founding a company, the history of creating a product or service, highlighting important milestones in business development
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3D presentation:

Turns the presentation process into an interactive and fun activity
Helps to increase the engagement of all participants
Helps to give a clear explanation of any topic or subject
Helps to convey information easily
Makes the communication process more efficient, simpler and more focused on the topic
Improves digital marketing

VR in presentations:

Additional content (animation, video, audio)
Acquaintance (tell the story of a brand/product creation or company development)
Products from a different angle (show product from a different angle, using 3D model, cut or animation)
Virtual tour (with audio guide)

VR presentation functionality

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What is the effectiveness of VR presentations?

Effective storytelling

Acquaintance with the brand, the history of the company or production

Application flexibility

Easy replacement and adaptation of applications, easy content and assortment adjustment

Makes an impression

High-quality VR presentation arouses interest and does not leave anyone indifferent

Interaction with the product

Instant access to a variety of goods, products and services

Adaptation to individual needs

Content creation for different types of clients

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