Virtual reality for solving problems related to the training of personnel in the health sector. Еffective education for medical students, entry-level medical practitioners and healthcare professionals
With the help of VR training, specialists can:
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Study medical devices simulated
in VR

Scheme of using virtual reality for training medical workers:

Choosing a training scenario with predefined steps
Choosing a training scenario with predefined steps
Choosing a training scenario with predefined steps
Choosing a training scenario with predefined steps

Examples of using
VR to train healthcare professionals

Training to use medical equipment

Modeling the process of medical equipment operation. Provides safe training and technique integrity

Modeling operations

Helps to gain practical skills during the operation and increase the level of competence and readiness

Simulation of a critical situation

Helps professionals develop an instant response to emergency situations

Adaptation to the working environment

Visualization of a typical work environment for medical students and entry-level medical professionals

Study of the anatomy and functionality of organs

Virtual models of external and internal organs, bones, muscles, various tissues, blood vessels and the excitatory system

VR scenarios for surgery

Using tactile controllers, the surgeon can perform the operation in the virtual operating room. For example, if a trainee needs to remove a patient's appendix, the simulation describes where it is located, what it looks like, what tools are needed and how to use them

VR scenarios for rehabilitation

Rehabilitation in virtual reality turns therapy sessions into a game process that engages the patient and motivates to strive for better results and achievements, thereby accelerating the recovery process

How VR for rehabilitation works:

The app guides the patient through their personal training program stored in a database. The therapist can edit the program at any time, and most importantly - control the results (either directly joining the session, or analyzing the program data)

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