Manufacturing industry


Implement VR technologies to your manufactury. Providing a safe learning and training environment for employees is crucial for this industry
VR also helps to improve the efficiency of maintenance checks. The program guides experts in the tasks that need to be performed in order to prevent a breakdown or prevent the consequences of a failure


Conducts training for new
Shortens the period of practical training of specialists
Checks knowledge and monitors professional skills
Teaches to make quick and efficient decisions
Prevents accidents
Reduces the number
of errors
Helps to work out actions in critical, emergency situations
Improves the skills of experienced staff
Increases the level of safety
at work
Reduces company losses
Create a virtual production department and train employees to work with machines and equipment. Implement customized scenarios and step-by-step instructions on workplace Do's and Don'ts. Visualize the consequences of not following safety rules

Scenario management

Selection of a possible
emergency situation
Assessment of human error factor
and its influence
Efficiency analysis and assessment
of personnel actions
Generation of customized training courses
according to employees skills
Admission to work in a real enterprise or
decision to continue learning process

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