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VR quests, interactive games and quizzes can completely immerse the user in the digital 3D world. Virtual reality entertainment allows players to actively interact with the world
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Quests and games in
virtual reality can be
single-player and

Location-based games

It is the most popular genre in augmented reality game development. Treasure hunts and quests that allow players to navigate the real world and discover virtual clues and objects with their smart devices

FPS games / Shooters

The thrill of playing a 3D shooter is enhanced by augmented reality features where virtual obstacles and enemies are so real

AR based RPG

Send players on quests in real world locations to fight monsters and enemies, find hidden treasures using cameras and collect virtual objects

Sport games

Sports-themed augmented reality games are extremely popular. VR gives you the opportunity to practice your favorite sports and play basketball, football, cricket with friends, anytime, anywhere

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VR quests and games

Interaction with the environment

All the user's movements in the real world are transferred to the game. The player use joysticks to interact with objects and uses his legs to move

Full immersion in the gameplay

Modern VR helmets allow to create virtual reality, which is impossible to move yourself from

Player activity

VR games force the player to actually move, making the gameplay more fun, while playing computer games users just sit still on a chairs

VR quests:

Entertain the users
Create a wow effect by immersing in the most fantastic gaming worlds
Provide unlimited play spaces and possibilities in a small real-world space
Give the opportunity to go through different quests in one place
Increase the level of emotional perception
Allows to place playgrounds in any location, just in a few hours
Collect analytics of user behaviour in order to refine and improve the game scenario

Why choose augmented reality game development:

VR technology has huge growth prospects, especially in the gaming industry
VR is one of the main trends in the gaming space
Well suited for simulation-based apps and games
Has huge online support
VR transforms any space, giving it a virtual usability

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